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Goat, sheep and cow cheeses.


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Slow Food Cheese Celebration to Launch New Book

Abbe Turner

Slow Food Cleveland is spreading the love of local cheeses during the international celebration of cheese kicked off this month by the Cheese Festival in Bra, Italy.  

Four female cheesemakers from northeast Ohio will headline a Slow Food Cleveland event on Friday, September 27, 6:30-8pm.
at historic BurkleHagen photography studio, 3500 Payne Avenue. There is no fee to attend. Instead, guests are encouraged to bring a monetary donation in support of the Cleveland Food Bank.

Cheesemakers Kandice Marchant of Marchant Manor Cheese, Rebecca Oravets of Old Forge Dairy, and Brenda Hastings of Hastings Dairy will discuss their craft in a Q & A format moderated by sister goat farmer and cheesemaker Abbe Turner of Lucky Penny Farm. Then guests can enjoy beverages and samplings of 10 artisan cheeses, compliments of each featured cheesemaker. While mingling, enjoy the ambiance of the artfully renovated studio (previously a 100-year old milk factory in the heart of Cleveland) and its remarkable view of the city skyline.

Turner and 15 additional Ohio women in dairy are featured in a newly released book co-written by Turner and her daughter, Madeline. The Land of Milk & Money: Lessons Learned & Business Earned From Ohio’s Women in Dairy illuminates a community of strong Ohio women who are eager to help fellow agri-preneurs. By sharing their inside stories and secrets to success, they are cultivating the next generation of thriving family farms, meaningful livelihoods and sustainable enterprises. In support of the Rural Action Sustainable Agriculture Program, this practical toolkit is full of heart, as reflected in its powerful stories. Turner,  Marchant, Oravets and Hastings will be on hand for book-signings ($20 cost per book).

Slow Food Cleveland hosts this Celebration of Cheese event according to their vision of a world where all people can access and enjoy food that is good, clean and fair: good for them, good for those who grow it and good for the planet. 


What to Feed Orphaned Baby Animals

Abbe Turner

What do you feed a small kitten who has lost its mother?

Baby kittens, puppies, rabbits require certain nutrients to be able to grow up healthy and strong. Where normally the source of this diet would come from their mothers, some baby animals are not so lucky.

However, it has been proven that goat milk is a sufficient substitute to solve this problem. Also known as the “universal milk”, goat milk contains an abundance of vitamins, minerals, protein, fatty acids, etc—all things a young kit or pup needs to grow up strong.

Why not cow milk?

Cow milk contains certain proteins that are known to cause allergic reactions. On the other hand, goat milk has extremely low or no amounts of that certain protein. Additionally, goat milk is easier to digest due to its smaller fatty acid chains and looser curd formation. Goat milk also contains many antiviral properties that boost the immune system.

You can find that Lucky Penny Goat Milk is a great source of nutrition for orphaned animals and have all of the characteristics of a great goat milk product. Our products are pasteurized, Grade A and fresh. You can get a quart for $4 or a gallon for $13.

Goat Milk

Cara Piombo

Goat Milk

Last month we brought goat milk for sale to market! Selling at Kent Haymaker Farmers Market as well as Countryside Conservancy. We are currently also selling our milk at The Farmers Rail in Bath.

Interested in buying or carrying our milk? Give us a call at (330)715-4140 for more information. 

13 Organizations Making Northeast Ohio Greener

Cara Piombo

Marvin Fong, The Plain Dealer

Marvin Fong, The Plain Dealer

We are proud to have been featured on's article about organizations making Northeast Ohio greener! Check out the article here.

We are excited to be doing more goat grazing and more sessions of goat yoga this summer!


Happy Holidays from Lucky Penny

Cara Piombo

With the holiday season now in full effect, we would like to encourage you to consider focusing on using local products as a part of your celebrations. We are very fortunate to work with and be surrounded by such a great community of local farmers and makers. Stop by your local farmers markets to shop for food and gifts this season.

Consider using Lucky Penny cheeses for your holiday celebrations. Pair our cheeses with local charcuterie or cudite to make an easy cheeseboard appetizer to serve or bring to a party, use our cheese or cajeta in baking, or add our products with other local products for a local gift basket.

We are thankful for our farmers that raise the goat’s we get our milk from, all of our farmer friends and local small businesses, and of course you, our customers.

We hope that you support local farms and small businesses this holiday season.

As always, post pictures and share recipes of how you use our products. Show us your favorite local foods and products and how you paired them with our cheeses or cajeta.

Happy Holidays from all of us here at Lucky Penny!

Goat Yoga at Lucky Penny Farm

Cara Piombo

During the month of September we hosted a weekly session of Goat Yoga on Thursdays at the farm in collaboration with Earth Angel Farm. We had a great turnout and lots of fun. Thank you to everyone who joined us as well as EAF for co-hosting with us. Here are some beautiful pictures from the event.

Beer, Cheese, and Goats Event

Cara Piombo

This past Wednesday, we had an event to celebrate spring and our new partnership with Earth Angel Farm and Modern Methods Brewing Company at Trumbull Art Gallery. The event featured beer and cheese pairings, as well as talks about sustainability through goat grazing and reducing food waste.

The partnership with Earth Angel Farm, Lucky Penny, and Modern Methods will focus on the topics of the event.  Spent grains from Modern Methods will be given to Lucky Penny Farm for the goats and pigs, to both feed the animals and reduce food waste. The goats will be able to graze at Earth Angel farm, and act as a sustainable lawn mower.

We were very pleased at the turnout of the event. The room was filled, we had a great time, and hope everyone who came did too!

Food, Family and Farming Tour



Food, Family and Farming TourSaturday, August 15 • 10 a.m. – 5 p.m. Abbe Turner, Lucky Penny Creamery 632 Temple Ave., Kent, OH 44240

The Food, Family and Farming Tour at Lucky Penny Creamery in Kent will celebrate the small family farm, women in agriculture, and agricultural entrepreneurship. From 10am-5pm on Saturday, August 15, you can join four women in agriculture for an empowering day focused on raising dairy goats, making cheese, composting, and living the small farm dream.

Come to Lucky Penny Creamery early and stay late to take in the entire slate of events!

Keeping it Green with Abbe



Abbe Turner was a featured guest on "Keeping it Green," Chris Bond's Saturday morning radio show on WINT- 1330AM, July 27, 2015. Bond is the Farm Horticulturist/ Farm Food Program Coordinator/ Instructor at the Laura and Alvin Siegel Lifelong Learning Program at Case Western Reserve University Farm in Hunting Valley, OH. He and co-host Renee Bond spoke with Abbe about Lucky Penny Farm, Lucky Penny Creamery, and a new Food Waste for Farms grant awarded to Abbe by SARE (Sustainable Agriculture Research & Education) to reduce food waste by repurposing it as livestock feed and compost on area farms.

On the radio track, queue up to -48:00 thru -40:57 to hear about LPF and LPC; then -35:45 thru -21:19 to learn about Food waste for Farms:

Ice Cream... Meet Lucky Penny Cajeta



Just in time for summer's heat wave, the Plain Dealer recommends Lucky Penny Cajeta as a "great new way to serve ice cream." In Northeast Ohio Ice Cream Guide 2015: Five clever new accessories, reporter Debbi Snook describes this local goat milk caramel sauce: "Imagine the slickest caramel sauce with that little goat-ey tang to balance all the sugar. A little cajeta goes a long way in terms of flavor. Top your best ice cream with it. Or, like me, just dip your spoon into the jar for a brief swoon."

On the Cover of The WineBuzz Magazine



Abbe, the budding winemaker, appears on the cover of The WineBuzz Magazine's July/August 2015 issue. As a complement to her cheesemaking, Abbe has been studying enology, the study of wine and winemaking; and viticulture, the study of vine growing and grape harvesting, with Kent State University's two-year winemaking degree programs. Started in 2012, the Kent State program is the first in Ohio to offer college degrees related to winemaking. It is affiliated with the Viticulture Enology Science and Technology Alliance, founded about 11 years ago to serve wineries between the Appalachians and the Rockies.

Recognized as Ohio’s wine, beer, and spirits magazine, WineBuzz informs readers who are interested in wine, food, spirits and craft beers. It includes beverage reviews as well as featured articles on travel, wine, spirits and related topics. Their goal is to educate, in a reader-friendly fashion, and take the intimidation out of wine in order to enhance its enjoyment.{"issue_id":263349,"page":0}

Lucky Penny Feta, Sweet Potato & Local Pear Bruschetta Recipe



INGREDIENTS:3 large sweet potatoes, peeled and diced 2 large pears, peeled and diced 1 large red onion, peeled and diced 6 oz apple butter 4 oz Lucky Penny Feta crumbles 3T apple cider vinegar 3T honey 2T kosher salt  1T black pepper  Hot sauce (Tabasco) to taste  3 T extra-virgin olive oil 2 loaves French bread, split in half lengthways and toasted in oven 

METHOD: Step #1: In a small mixing bowl, toss sweet potato and pears in 3 tablespoons of extra-virgin olive oil and roast in oven until tender; approximately 15 to 20 minutes.

Step #2: In a medium sized mixing bowl, combine roasted pear, sweet potato and diced onion with remaining ingredients and season accordingly.   Step #3: Serve on French bread or cracker with Feta crumbles on top. Enjoy!

Andrew Racin  Lucky Penny Creamery 

A Quick Bite of Mozzarrella!


Share a Quick Bite with Abbe and 89.7-WKSU NPR radio host Vivian Goodman, as Abbe demonstrates how to make mozzarrella cheese. This radio interview, first aired on October 17, 2014, is part of a special series of shows highlighting what's happening in the Northeast Ohio food scene.

Lucky Penny Chèvre Danish 



Yield: 8Prep time: 40 min

Equipment: 3 small mixing bowls 1 pastry brush 1 whisk 1 baking sheet tray, lined with wax paper  1 rolling pin 1 pizza cutter 2 spoons

Ingredients: 1 9x12" sheet of purchased Danish dough 1 egg 1T milk .5c granulated sugar 1T cinnamon  4 oz Lucky Penny Chèvre 1 oz orange marmalade 

Method:  1. Preheat oven to 350 degrees F 2. Place thawed Danish dough on a table so that it's taller than wider  3. Place egg and milk in mixing bowl and mix well 4. Brush egg wash over dough 5. Mix cinnamon and sugar in mixing bowl and sprinkle generously onto dough 6. Fold dough downward in half and gently roll with pin 7. Using pizza cutter, cut dough vertically into 8 even portions  8. Take the first of the eight portions and place it horizontally in front of you 9. Place your left hand on the end closest to it and spiral the dough with your right hand, so it resembles a candy cane 10. With your left hand still on the dough, have your right hand swing the dough counter clock wise until you swirl the dough around the center until it looks like a snail shell. Place the end in the center and press it tight. Repeat until complete.  11. Place the snail upside down on the baking sheet. Let it proof for 30 minutes or until it doubles in size. 12 Mix chèvre and marmalade in a bowl and place about 1T in the center of each Danish. Tip: Make a little pouch with your finger first. 13. Brush with the rest of the milk and egg mixture, than sprinkle with cinnamon & sugar.  14. Bake for 15-20 minutes or until delicious golden brown. Cool and Enjoy!

Lucky Penny Creamery Awarded as Green Business


Lucky Penny Creamery is one of five heroes of environmental conservation to be honored during the 16th Annual Portage County Environmental Conservation Awards Benefit Dinner on Saturday, April 5. Recipients of the 2014 awards have been chosen for making a significant contribution to improving quality of life in Portage County through natural resource conservation and environmental awareness and protection. Lucky Penny Creamery — owned by Abbe and Anderson Turner of Lucky Penny Farm in Garrettsville — will earn the Green Business Award for providing farm-to-table local cheeses according to sustainable agricultural practices.

It all began in 2008, when Abbe earned second place in the American Dairy Goat Association’s Amateur Confection Contest with her melt-in-your-mouth Cajeta recipe, a creamy caramel sauce reminiscent of Dulce de Leche. This distinctive Cajeta was handcrafted according to artisanal practices, in small batches, from top-quality goat milk sourced from the Turner family’s own herd of La Mancha, Alpine and Nubian dairy goats at Lucky Penny Farm.

Two years later, Abbe founded Lucky Penny Creamery in Kent, which specializes in farm-fresh goat and sheep cheeses and confections, still handcrafted in small batches according to artisanal traditions and sustainable practices, sourced by trusted family goat and sheep farms in northeast Ohio.

“We are proud to produce superior local dairy goat products by managing the entire process, from pasture to plate, according to sustainable farm and kitchen practices,” says Abbe, who learned her craft at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, with additional training from cheesemakers Peter Dixon and Neville McNaughton.

Lucky Penny’s family-farm approach to local specialty food has earned the brand a solid following from reputable chefs, retailers, farmers’ markets, distributors, wholesalers and ethnic food suppliers throughout the Midwest. 

It also led to the creation of Farm Girls Pub & Grub, a funky restaurant in downtown Alliance that features “local, sustainable, farm-fresh food from producers we know and trust,” according to Abbe.

The Main Street restaurant does its part toward urban renewal while serving up flavorful entrees like Sweet and Spicy Bacon Chevre Burger, “a big and juicy local grassfed beef burger with free-range smoked bacon coated in a brown sugar pepper glaze and baked until crispy, dripping with melty Chevre on a buttered toasted bun with piled with local greens, heirloom tomatoes and caramelized onions.”

Sponsored by the Portage Park District Foundation, the Annual Portage County Environmental Conservation Awards Dinner is held each April as an opportunity to honor and thank local environmental heroes while raising funds to support park district initiatives, fulfilling the mission to conserve Portage County’s natural and cultural heritage. Other award recipients represent achievement in Environmental Education, Environmental Activism and Advocacy, Lifetime Achievement and Stewardship, and Land Conservation.

The dinner, live music, silent auction and raffle will be held 6-9pm on April 5 at the Kent American Legion, 1945 Mogadore Road. Call the Portage County Park District at (330) 297-7728 for more information or visit to register online. For additional information, contact Chris Craycroft at (330) 297-7728 or via email at .